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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient healing art that has been practised for thousand of years. It dates back to the early Indians, Chinese and Egyptians. It is based on the principle that the anatomy of the body is reflected in miniature on the foot and by applying pressure to these reflexes, it can stimulate the body's own self healing system, therefore helping to maintain and restore the body's natural balanced state.


How Reflexology Works

Reflexology works in a deeply holistic way. In order for our bodies to function at peak health all parts of the body must be working harmoniously. If one part is not working properly then all parts are also affected as they are forced to work even harder to compensate. When our bodies are not working harmoniously this can cause stress and lead to disease. Reflexology works on the whole person -not just the symptoms. It helps you to achieve a deep state of relaxation, which in turn allows the body to heal itself, returning it to its natural balanced state. Reflexology helps to clear blockages of energy and greatly speeds up the elimination of toxins leaving you with a deep sense of well-being.

Who Can It Help?

Almost anyone of any age can benefit from Reflexology. It can be used to help almost any condition. It can benefit problems such as digestive, hormonal, nervous, cardiovascular, muscular, stress and the immune system. Reflexology is not only beneficial to people who are showing symptoms of ill health - it is also of great benefit to people in good health as it will keep their systems working properly at an optimal level. Discover the benefits for yourself of this deeply relaxing and very effective therapy. The results obtained can be truly amazing. There is nothing like an hour's Reflexology treatment to help combat the effects of stress.

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