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Mike Murphy

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Mike qualified as a kinesiologist with the Association of Systematic Kinesiology in 1992 and has since successfully treated children through to the elderly for a variety of conditions including Auto immune Disorders. 

Mike uses his vast experience with patients to find out where the bodies energies are out of balance and how to correct them. He is able to prioritise what the body needs to assist in its recovery using dietary, nutritional and lifestyle changes to gently guide the patient back to good health and balance.  

Mike continues his professional development by keeping up to date with the latest research nutrition and functional medicine through seminars and webinars and applies them in his practice.


Mike's Mission statement of Kinesiology is:

To care for the patient and not the disease

To find the cause and not chase the symptoms

To assist the body in healing itself

To help all who are told "there is no hope" because it is my passion to serve others