Reiki treatment

Beckie Shaw MCThA - ITEC

Beckie is a member of the Complementary Therapist Association and qualified with ITEC in Holistic Massage in 2005. She specialises in trigger point and Myofascial release techniques to alleviate muscle problems in the neck, back shoulders and arms.
This treatment can assist in relieving the symptoms of numbness, RSI and the difficulties of (or painful) movement in some areas of the body. In addition, Beckie can provide a very relaxing and therapeutic massage and is also qualified to provide Massage in Pregnancy and Indian Head Massage.

  Beckie Shaw

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) means universal life force energy. It is a healing system founded by Dr Mikao Usui in the early 20th century in Japan.
Everything in and around us is made up of energy. Seemingly solid objects are in fact made up of rapidly vibrating particles, including the human body. Energy passes through and flows around our bodies in pathways called meridians. Stress or negative thoughts cause this energy to be reduced, which can lead to poor health or disharmony.
In Reiki the practitioner tunes into the universal life force energy around them and allows it to flow through their body and into the recipient via their hands, gently unlocking areas of slow moving energy.

What happens in a treatment?

A treatment generally takes about 50 minutes. Before the first treatment the practitioner takes a brief medical history.

The client can either sit or lie down fully clothed and the practitioner gently places her hands on or just above the body of the client. The session begins at the head, working down the body. About half way through the treatment the client turns over and the practitioner works from the shoulders down the back to the feet.
The client may feel heat, tingling or cold from the practitioner's hands. Reiki generates such a deeply relaxing state of peace and calm that the client usually drifts in and out of sleep.

Who can Reiki help?

Any one of any age can benefit from Reiki. It works on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. It can reduce stress, anxiety and pain, whilst promoting calm and stimulating the body's own healing processes.

There are times in life when one may need an extra boost or special support. Everything from the daily list of things to do, life changes, sudden or prolonged illness, pregnancy or bereavement, can contribute to feelings of being overwhelmed or stress. Experiencing Reiki therapy in a nurturing environment allows the release of worries, discomfort and imbalances within the mind, body and spirit. This power of healing energy achieves positivity, clarity and a healthy equilibrium to guide one along life's journey.