Private Yoga Therapy

Vicky Arundel - Yoga teacher and therapist


  Vicky Arundel

Vicky offers private and individual one to one yoga classes.

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You will receive 100% personalised attention and a tailor made practice that honours exactly what you need at every session and addresses any health goals you have. You will learn appropriate modifications, sequences and poses to bring your body into an optimal state of health and balance.
Yoga therapy can help individuals to manage, reduce and in some cases alleviate the sources and symptoms of many health conditions, including heart disease, headaches and migraines, back pain and spinal conditions, digestive, hormonal and weight issues and also can help with post cancer care, arthritis, mental health e.g. anxiety, depression, PTSD, fertility and menstrual syndromes, auto-immune illnesses and chronic pain and muscular-skeletal imbalance.

You can expect better body awareness and posture - improved strength, flexibility and balance, enhanced mental clarity, focus and attention - improved sleep - improved breathing and circulation and stress reduction Vicky is happy to discuss any questions either by phone or face to face to provide an understanding of yoga - just ask.