Nutrition Therapy

Hilda Solomons, BSc (Hons), Dip. ION, MNIMH, mBANT

  Hilda Solomons

What is Nutrition Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutritional science to attain optimum health. It is a therapeutic tool that is based on the latest scientific research to help adapt diet and lifestyle to the achievement of better health. Without access to abundant, good-quality nutrients, our bodies cannot function properly. Unfortunately, for many of us, due to today's modern lifestyle and food choices, our diets often lack good quality nutrients, sufficient for the body's needs. Modern diets, relying heavily on processed convenience foods, quick snacks and overcooked meals, can become depleted of vital nutrients, phytochemicals and fibre, essential for good health. Using Nutritional Therapy, imbalances in the body can be identified and corrected in order to achieve and maintain optimum health.

What does a consultation involve?

The first step is to complete a detailed questionnaire which includes a dietary form. This is analysed prior to the consultation, which lasts one hour and covers details of your health, medical history and lifestyle. During the consultation I carry out in house tests, such as check blood pressure, and provide a short physical examination, if required. An assessment of your health is then made and advice given on diet and lifestyle changes. Based on your individual needs, we will then agree an achievable plan of action. In some cases conventional laboratory tests may be recommended to assist assessment. These will be based on your unique health status. Follow up appointments last 45 minutes. They review your progress and make appropriate changes to ensure that treatment is as effective as possible.