Hot Stone Massage (Thermotherapy) 


Claire Mark
Gay Lancaster

Claire Mark

Claire studied beauty therapy and aromatherapy at a beauty school in Northern Ireland and qualified if 1997. Since then Claire has worked as a spa manager and therapist and during that time gained diplomas in advanced massage and waxing!

Gay Lancaster
Holistic and Sports Massage Therapist - BTEC Level 4.

Gay Qualified as a Holistic Massage Therapist in 2011 and has achieved qualifications in Deep Tissue Massage, Pregnancy massage, Myofacial Release, Hot stone massage, Indian Head massage, Clinical massage for Chronic low back pain, Frozen shoulder, RSI, Knee pain, Strains and Sprains, Osteoarthritis, Migraines, Whiplash and many more conditions. Gay is a registered member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists' and the 'Complementary Therapists Association'.


What is Hot Stone Massage (Thermotherapy)?

Is a form of massage that uses smooth, sleek heated stones to apply the principal of thermotherapy. A massage with stones might sound like Japanese torture but the sensations of Hot Stone Therapy are exceedingly pleasant. The hot stones are volcanic black basalt collected from riverbeds.

Why a Hot Stone Massage rather than a traditional massage?

Physiologically, the chemical reaction of the blood and lymph exchange is accelerated with thermotherapy. Mentally the patient reaches a state of relaxation within minutes of first application. The warmth from the lava stones pulls blood to the area increasing blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which improves cell metabolism; increasing oxygen and nutrients to the tissue cells therefore allowing the therapist to work deeper to facilitate relaxation and to realign muscle fibres.
Therefore, Hot Stone Massage allows deeper treatment to occur. It capitalizes on traditional practices with a current approach. It is a full body treatment that lasts 90 minutes.